Barcelona Walk & Taste Tours

Barcelona is a diverse, lively city with so many options to choose from. Our guided culinary walking tours are a wonderful way to learn about the city, its history, food, and culture, led by an expert with two decades of experience in the city. Join us for a 3-4 hour, food-focused, guided walking tour of Barcelona’s neighborhoods. Your expert guide will point out all the best insider spots and we will taste along the way.


Cooking Workshops

Sobremesa is seriously into careful, loving sourcing. Our hands-on workshops all use fresh, local and seasonal produce to create an authentic, pleasurable experience. Our menus vary according to what the local market bounty and our small-scale local producers have to offer. Not a difficult task in Barcelona, one of the richest, most fertile landscapes in all of Spain.

Private Workshops

Private Workshops

Delve into the local culture and lifestyle through its beautiful food.

Group Workshops

Group Workshops

Bespoke workshops for individuals, groups, and companies.

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The expert team of Sobremesa leads small, exclusive groups of foodie travelers on carefully curated trips, packed with food-related fun.

Activities include: cooking classes led by our team and local chefs we collaborate with; market visits; excursions to fascinating and beautiful places, both cultural and edible, and meals at some of our favorite local restaurants and cafés.

Sobremesa's culinary experiences are led by Camila herself, who takes pride and pleasure in extensive research to plan the best possible experience for you.

Visit our Culinary Experiences page to find our more about Sobremesa Culinary Tours and make your reservation now.